Selected images of the smart city exhibition

Video report of the three days of Fanavaran Sharif’s presence at the Smart City Exhibition 1401

Dr. Shahidi’s visit to Dr. Process(Dr.Process)

Dr. Shahidi’s visit
Honorable Deputy Minister of Peace and Head of the Organization of Geology and Mineral Exploration
From the booth of Fanavaran Sharif Company at the Minex exhibition (2021)

Planning to reduce water consumption in cooling towers in mining and steel industries

In various industries, water is used for steam production, cooling, waste transfer, dust removal, etc., so water consumption in industry is inevitable. In recent years, due to the drought crisis in the country, saving water has become more important. One of the ways to reduce water consumption in industries is to recover the water used in the process cycle. Furthermore….

Winning first place in the Hackathon event

Danesh Baniyat Fanavaran Sharif Company along with 34 companies active in the field of intelligentization of mines participated in the Hackathon event, which won the first place with the project “Intelligent monitoring of mining machines and processes with the help of Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) technology in order to increase safety and improve The process with…

How does Dr. Process help mines?

Are you looking for an efficient mining platform? Do you need to interact with mining companies to expand your business? Have you ever wondered what benefits Iran’s mining and mining industry can get from digital facilities? The era of digital revolution, the age of information explosion or any phrase and words that describe the current and future situation are all in one common category and…

Production of strategic products with Sharif strategic systems technologists

These days, the researchers of our country have also been able to create or update many important and vital industries using modern technologies such as advanced process systems and the new generation of intelligence based on the Internet of Things. Among these knowledge-based companies is “Sharif Strategic Systems Technologists” which has been able to…

Visiting the Research Institute of Astronautical Systems of Sharif Strategic Systems Technologies Company

During a visit in 2013, the officials and managers of several projects from the Research Institute of Astronautical Systems visited the capabilities and products of Fanavaran Sharif Company, and in order to examine the platforms and suitable fields for cooperation, meetings were held at the place of Fanavaran Sharif Company and also the Research Institute of Astronautical Systems….