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Plan to reduce water consumption in cooler towers in the mining and steel industries

In various industries, water is used to produce steam, cooling, waste transfer, dust removal, etc., so water consumption in industry is inevitable. In recent years, due to the drought crisis in the country, saving water consumption has become more important. One way to reduce water consumption in industry is to recover the water used in the process cycle. In addition, in …

Earn first place in the Heckathon event

Sharif Technologists Knowledge Foundation Company along with 34 companies active in the field of mining intelligence participated in the Hackathon event, which won the first place with the project “Intelligent monitoring of mining machinery and processes using the Internet of Things (IIOT) technology to increase safety and improve Process with…

How did Dr Process help mine intelligence?

Are you looking for an efficient platform in the field of mining? Do you need to interact with mining companies to grow your business? Have you ever wondered what is the use of digital facilities in Iran’s mining and quarrying industry? The age of the digital revolution, the age of information explosion or any phrase that describes the present and the future, all have one thing in common and ….

Production of strategic products with Fanavaran Sharif

These days, our country’s researchers, along with the world, have been able to create or update many important and vital industries by using modern technologies such as advanced process systems and the new generation of IoT-based intelligence. Among these knowledge-based companies is “Fanavaran Sharif” who ….

Aerospace Systems Research Institute visits Fanavaran Sharif Company

Officials and managers of several projects of the Aerospace Systems Research Institute during a visit in 2014 visited the capabilities and products of Sharif Technologists Company and to review the appropriate contexts and areas of cooperation, meetings were held at Fanavaran Sharif Company and the Aerospace Systems Research Institute….

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