USB 1404 data card

USB 1404 data card

USB 1404 data logger is used to read different models of sensors and start electric actuators. This data logger can read digital and analog signals in a wide range of standard voltages. Digitized values ​​from analog inputs, based on the command issued through the USB port, will be transferred and displayed to LabView software or software under Windows.

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Applications of USB DAQ 1404

USB 1404 data acquisition card can read different models of sensors.

It is possible to launch different models of electric drives.

It has the ability to read the input current from 4 to 20 milliamps.

It has the ability to create digital and analog signals with arbitrary values.

Also, USB DAQ 1404 data card can read digital and analog signals with different voltages.

Applications of USB 1404 data logger user software

It has the ability to view and change the status of digital inputs and outputs
Ability to view and control relays
This DataLogger has numerical displays with the possibility of turning on and off to control Capture Frequencies, Counters and Current 4-20mAmp.
Ability to select and set DutyCycle for PMWs
USB DAQ 1404 is able to manually adjust the voltage and waveform type of DACs.
Has a screen for drawing simultaneous graphs for ADCs
Also, this DAQ card has the possibility of saving the ADC data file in Excel software.

Hardware applications of USB 1404 data logger

The USB 1404 data card has a relay equipped with an optocoupler-based noise canceling circuit with the ability to completely remove input noise.
It has four θ ∑ model ADC channels with 16-bit sampling accuracy
Adjustable sampling rate

Labview software

This Data Card is programmed with Labview interface software. Because Labview software supports high data sampling speeds and is suitable for communication with high speed data sampling cards.

What is a data card?

A data capture card is a device for recording the information of any sensor that the user needs. The USB 1404 data logger receives sensor data with different accuracy and speeds, converts it to digital numbers and presents it to the user. With this method, additional research and operations can be implemented on the extracted data and meaningful conclusions can be made.

With the passage of time and the daily need of man to expand and advance the industry, his need to control the processes of every sector of the industry is also increasing. Because by controlling the features of each department, it is not possible to find a significant role in the efficiency and quality of that department. Data acquisition cards allow users to target them according to their needs in the environment and record and even control them by using the desired sensors to measure important features.

Most industrial systems require an operator to record and control data every few hours. In this method, the accuracy of the operator will be very effective in the quality of everything. Even with the smallest human errors in sensitive industrial or laboratory parts, irreparable damages may occur. But by mechanizing processes, humans have found a solution to these problems.

By using data collection cards, which according to the accuracy and speed of sampling that the user needs, can control many industrial and laboratory cycles with higher accuracy and speed without depending on the physical presence of the operator, and the data recorded by the USB data logger. analyze 1404 Data is one of the most important parts of industrial life, and a device that can convert raw data into meaningful and analyzable data can solve many problems.

The STM32F373R8T6 microcontroller is used in the USB 1404 data logger, which provides high flexibility for developers with more than 50 configurable input/output pins and 128 KB of flash memory.


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