Intelligent greenhouse control and monitoring device

Intelligent greenhouse control and monitoring device

Payapasbez is a device that provides the possibility of monitoring all key factors in the greenhouse, such as temperature, humidity, soil pH, and light intensity, through software and online, and by means of command relays, it is possible to remotely control equipment such as pumps, heaters, fans, It gives the user the electric valve and… The advanced software of this device enables comprehensive monitoring and management of connected equipment.



The intelligent greenhouse control and monitoring device, a product of Sharif Strategic Systems Engineers, is equipped with four sensors for temperature, humidity, soil pH, and light intensity, which allows you to remotely access the key parameters of plant growth in the greenhouse.

In addition, by using the four command relays of this module, you will be able to have full control of common equipment in the greenhouse such as air conditioner, heater, fan, electric valve, pump, etc. remotely.

Device features

Temperature and humidity sensor equipped with automatic calibration
Optimal pH sensor for greenhouse use
Light intensity sensor with high accuracy of one lux
Equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth network for high-speed data transfer to the server
It has a web and mobile application and SMS system
Ensuring stable communication using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections

Advanced control by integrating four powerful relays

Relay input voltage: five volts DC
Maximum relay output voltage: 250 V AC, 30 V DC (suitable for the control use of all types of devices in the greenhouse)
Maximum output current: up to 10 amps (suitable for the control use of all types of devices)
Using an optocoupler to isolate the AC and DC input and output of the relay

Advantages of the device

The possibility of issuing warnings through the application and peripheral operator in case
Ability to view sensor data history and analyze this data
Related to the specific needs of the greenhouse, such as adding a variety of sensors
Creating automation (with human supervision) and creating a closed smart cycle
The possibility of eliminating round-the-clock manpower and overseeing the greenhouse
Sending a warning message if the module does not work correctly and on time

Relay controlled devices

Electric Valves
Water Pumps
Greenhouse Fans
Lighting Systems
Heating and Cooling Systems
Watering Systems
Fire and alarm notification systems (Alert Systems)
Filtration systems
Artificial Feeding System

Software features

Security and high speed using the HTTP protocol
The possibility of customizing or updating the software according to the specific needs of the customer
Ability to save and view sensor data history
Easy user interface (GUI).
Android app, Windows and web software are ready
The possibility of defining the optimal irrigation schedule in the software
The possibility of creating Excel output and graphs from the data of the sensors in a period of time
Support and after-sales service


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